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Post Truth and Blood Fic

Title: Pressure
Author: theonlyink 
Pairing: Sylar/Claire
Rating: PG-13
AU | Current: Current
Spoilers: Spoilers for the episode Truth and Blood are minimal but they're there. If you haven't seen the episode you may not want to read.
Disclaimer: I do not own Heroes in anyway shape or form.
Summary: Danko "the Hunter" seeks to solve a problem.
Claire bumps into Sylar.
Sylar bumps into Claire's brain.
Noah crashes the party.
Author's Note: I tried to stay in time with the episode so that you can get extra swept up in your imagination. Claire may have been artistically changed but I tried not to take it too far. Hope you enjoy this fic that takes place after Truth And Blood.


A Bargain


The Hunter walked into a containment cell, “Why hello there Mr. Montogue.” The Hunter walked forward and removed the gear from his head that was covering his face and head. Took the drug IV tube out of his nose and smacked him once on the cheek. “Wake up, Ryan. I have a proposal for you…”

            Ryan Montogue’s head fell forward, he groaned “What do you want… boss.” He said, his British accent was heavy.

            “You’re going to bring me a cheerleader.” The Hunter said with a smile.

            “Just a cheerleader?” Ryan asked as he lifted his head to express his confusion. “If you have needs, I’m sure one of your soldiers would brown nose enough to help you.” He said as he laughed.

            “Shut your mouth,” the Hunter said as he back handed Ryan right in the mouth, “her name is Claire Bennet. Alive or dead, if you bring her to me you can go free.”

Ryan smirked, his green gray eyes went sinister at the thought of being unleashed to the public again. “You’ve got yourself a deal.”

Wait A Minute Mr. Postman


“Mom, I’m going out. Some people invited me along with them.” Claire said as she finished getting ready. She pulled on a pair of heeled boots then walked to her dresser to check her make up and slip on a few bracelets. She straightened her red dress shirt, picked a hair off one of the three-quarter length sleeves grabbed her black clutch and headed downstairs.

As Claire comes down the stairs there’s a knocking on the door.

“I’ll get it.” She says and opens the door. “Postman…is there a package?” she asked in a moment of confusion. She looked at his feet noticing that his pants were too short and as she looked back to his face she noticed blood on his collar. She looked at his shirt embroidered with the last name Smith. His hair was short and he had a five o’clock shadow, his hair was a dark brunette. He had a slender, possibly muscular frame.

“Mr. Smith… what do you want?” she asked as she got a good grip on the door, she was ready to shut it in his face.

“It’s Montogue, Ryan Montogue.” He said as he but a hand on the door frame. “Oh, and as far as what I want… I’m looking at her right now.” He looked Claire up and down. “I can see why he had me pick you up, delicious.” He said with a menacing smirk.

“Mom! Lyle! Run!!” Claire shouted as she slammed the door and ran up stairs to get her mother. She got half way up the stairs when she heard Ryan bust through the front door. “Mom, call dad. They’ve sent someone after me... get out of here!” she yelled. She saw Ryan as he came to the top of the stairs. She threw herself down the stairs and past him in hopes he’d follow her. As she stood and popped her shoulder back into place and her shin healed itself Ryan stared at her.

“Interesting, I wasn’t expecting that you could do that.” He said as Lyle came running out his room. “I wonder… can they do that as well?” he asked as he gestured towards Lyle and his knees seemed to liquefy as he screamed in agony. Sandra ran to him and Ryan gestured at her and her hands liquefied as the sound of shattering bone sounded. Now both of them were screaming. “I suppose that’s a no then?”

Claire runs up the stairs and grabs Ryan by the throat and falls backwards, taking him with her. “Leave them alone! You came here for me.” She says as she attempts to strangle Ryan.

“I came here for you, sure, but entertainment is always a pleasant distraction.” Ryan says after getting out of Claire’s grip.

Claire stands up and eyes the distance to the back door. She dusts her shirt of out of habit and then runs for the door.

“Damn it! Don’t run… just let me get this over with!” he yelled as he crossed his arms and pouted for a moment before going after her.

Unexpected Surprises


Sylar and Luke were in a warehouse in Cost Verde, California they had taken a detour after Sylar heard about what happened in Arkansas. He was looking to get more information from the girl who got a free pass. Sylar was doing laundry of all things, can’t be a super villain if you look like a homeless man I suppose.

“We’ll make the visit we came here for tomorrow.” Sylar said as he folded a shirt and placed it in the suitcase that had replaced the need for a closet.

“Will you tell me where we’re going?” Luke asked, Sylar was insistent upon secrets and surprises, both of which made Luke feel out of the loop.

“Just calm down, you’ll find out tomorrow.” Sylar said with a smile, he was just happy that Luke proved to be easy to handle. Of course, by handle I mean manipulate.

“Hey! Sylar,” Luke said as he looked out a window, “there’s some blonde walking towards us…” Luke’s voice faded as he stared at her.

Sylar walked up beside Luke, “Guess we have no need to wait for tomorrow when your guests come to you. Although, I didn’t realize I was such an event to dress up for.” He smiled; Claire never failed to be a good time.

“What are you talking about?” Luke asked, he was so confused by all this talk of this girl who he would’ve assumed Sylar was a stranger to.

“Just… stay out of sight; she doesn’t know you and I don’t need her running off.” Sylar said as his tone went from comical to serious in no time at all.


Claire was catching her breath as she walked up to the warehouse; she’d been running for a solid twenty minutes and in boots that should never be ran in. She pushed open the door to the warehouse and walked in, silently closing the door behind her and wishing there was a lock. She sunk down and sat against the door, “How does this shit always happen to me? What kind of plan saves the cheerleader anyways?” she said as she held her head in her hands and tried to calm herself, she knew he’d followed her here.

Suddenly there was a quick rhythm of a fist pounding against the door. “I know you’re in there. Come on, Claire baby. I just want to take you on a road trip and you can’t enjoy the scenery if I have to kill you.” His voice reeked proof that he’d enjoy killing her, almost more than he would enjoy his freedom.

Claire stood up and moved to the side of the door. She stayed quiet and as he pounded on the door again it opened slightly. She heard him hesitate before walking in as if he was expecting an ambush. When he was almost clear of the door she tackled it as hard as she could. She heard his shoulder snap and his body hit the floor. “I sure wish there was a way to fix that shoulder of yours.” She said as she gave him a swift kick to the ribs. “Who sent you?” she asked as she squatted down so that she was on his level.

Ryan laughed, “You think a few breaks will make me talk. You can go to hell.”

Claire stared at him and thought of what she had to do. Was she ready to be that person? “Obviously it makes you talk… so what should I brake to hear the right things...?” she asked as she stood back up. She heard a familiar sound, bones fusing together and clicking into place. She turned around and Ryan was standing in front of her. She was confused, “Are… are you an empath?” she asked.

“No but I guess it makes sense that if my talent is to break bones then I could heal my own. Of course, it doesn’t happen as quickly as it does for you and it certainly isn’t painless…” he said but his thoughts interrupted his speech and he smiled. “So, how about no more running, cause damn, I’m worn out.” He said as he looked at her knees and focused, the bones in her knee shattered into such small pieces that they appeared to liquefy.

 Claire’s shins hit ground hard as she fell to what had been her knees. She focused more on healing so as to get the job done faster. She stood up again and he lifted his hand. She felt her bones become brittle and she just focused on regenerating, she was healing faster than he could break her. She began to walk towards him “I’ll ask again. Who sent you?” she smiled, she was ready to be that person.

“I’ll tell you again, go to hell.” He said as he stood still, he was arrogant enough to think she couldn’t hurt him. Perhaps thinking that a cheerleader didn’t have what it takes to murder a man.

Claire rushed him and grabbed his neck and then turned him so his back was to her. She caressed his face, “Tell me or suddenly you’ll be without sight.” She smiled and admittedly she was enjoying herself more than she had intended to.

“You wouldn’t. I doubt you have the guts, doubt you lack the conscience. You’ll feel guilty about me forever.” He said as he feigned sorrow.

“Guilty, I seriously doubt that. The one thing my father and I have in common is that our family comes first.” She said as she started to apply force to his right eye with her fingers.

Ryan grabbed at her hands; he focused his ability and tried to shatter them but the pain…

“Just sing a little song for me.” Claire said as she began to hum a song and apply more pressure to his eye.

“It was the Hunter!” Ryan screamed as he hoped she’d remove pressure.

Claire was shocked, he was supposed to be able to be controlled, after all he was a soldier not a senator and certainly not a company man. “Is he working with the Senator, is he working with Noah?” her question was cold but urgent.

“He’s alone, he snuck me out of the place and I don’t think anyone knows! Let me go!”


Sylar had been watching this whole time, impressed by the way she was handling Ryan. Surprised by how much…fun she was having. The smile on her face the tune of song bouncing from her vocal chords, she really was like him. Alike him but better, meant to stand in a whiter light.

He stood out from where he was, into plain sight. He clapped his hands and smiling, “Bravo! You’ve brought me yourself, a snack, and an action movie. What did I do to deserve this?” he said as he put his hands in the pockets of his jacket.

Claire stood there completely shocked. She couldn’t handle this right now. Her family was in danger and now she was confronted with this situation, with Sylar. Her focus sagged and with a silent crushing noise her ands became jello. “Damn it!” she hissed under her breath. She hooked Ryan’s ankle with her own and sent him tumbling to the floor. She made eye contact with Sylar as her hands healed, “What are you doing here?! You should leave.” She was angry. Sylar here in Costa Verde would call attention to her being here.

“So angry for such a dressed up little thing.” Sylar said as he broke eye contact to look at Ryan. “Maybe if I took something off your mind? Like a burden or a price?” Sylar said as he raised his hand and focused on Ryan, forcing the man to float in the air next to Claire and Sylar. He looked at Claire once more, her eyes asked him not to yet she made no move to further this protest. Them with index finger pointed and mind sharply focused he uncapped Ryan’s skull.

Claire stared at Sylar; she had just let him murder a man. She was an accessory to murder…the same kind of murder she hated Nathan for committing, or at least making plans for others to commit it for him. Surely this was self defense though. Had Sylar saved her? Her mind raced, her heart quickened but she quickly calmed herself. “If anything you just raised the price on my head. You being here… nothing good can come of it.” She said. Her voice was quieter than before but agitated.

Ryan still hung in the air as Sylar poked around his grey matter, “Some how I don’t think it’s the price on your head that’s got you all frazzled.” His voice distracted as he located the spot. Ryan’s body fell, crumpling to the ground. “If you’ve got a price on your head maybe you should run…” Sylar said with a smirk, “we’re running as well.”

“We? There are two of you?” Claire’s voice was annoyed now. It was bad enough she had to handle herself concerning one Sylar and now there was another?

Luke walked into visibility, “Two of us…” he said, his voice hinted at a small disgust for Claire. How could she just walk in here and steal Sylar’s attention like that?

You Can’t Hide That From Me


“If you’ll excuse me a moment, I need wash up.” Sylar said as he wiggled his blood covered fingers. He walked back out of visibility, a sink could be heard.

Claire laughed, “You’re some kind of pathetic, you know that?” she said as she sized Luke up.

“I’m pathetic? Weren’t you just saved by an enemy? I think that makes you pathetic, sweetheart.” He half smiled.

“He didn’t save me. If anything he saved Ryan from more interrogation.” She said as she glanced over to Ryan’s dead body and was admittedly thankful he was dead. “You know he’ll kill you too. He’s just waiting for you to give him what he-“ Claire’s mouth was pulled shut and she knew this was Sylar’s doing. Her laugh was muffled through her closed lips as she stared at Luke.

“You,” Sylar said to Claire, “are coming with me.” He said as Claire floated towards him. “You,” Sylar said to Luke, “need to take care of Ryan over there. Save me a finger or two though.” Sylar walked out of the warehouse and ensured that Claire followed along.

Sylar climbed a ladder that was attached to the warehouse, Claire floating behind him. Once on the roof he stood her front of him and stopped controlling everything but her feet. “What happened in Arkansas?” he asked.

Claire just stood there making eye contact, allowing herself to get distracted by him. “Why should I answer, what’s in it for me?” she just wanted to prolong this, and of course she didn’t need Sylar knowing where either one of her fathers were or the details on a large number of specials.

“Anything you want, I’ll just be in debt to you.” He said feigning sincerity, knowing that his answer didn’t matter.

“A plane crashed, a plane was bombed, people died. The end.” She said with a smile.

“Why did the plane crash?” Sylar asked as he stepped closer.

“It simply got too cold. Not to mention the tension on the just got to be too heavy of a load to carry and then ‘boom’.” She said, she mimicked an explosion with her hands to emphasize the last word.

“Some how I don’t think you’re taking this seriously. Maybe I’ll just have to search your brain for myself?” he asked as he tilted his head a little to left.

“You couldn’t crack this skull if you tried.” She said as she crossed her arms. “I can take care of myself these days.”

Sylar raised his hand and started with his handy work. Her skull healed before he had a chance to finish the cut. He tried again with the same results.

“What’d I tell you?” she asked. She was quite pleased with herself.

“Told me that when you’re conscience you’re near useless.” Sylar said before he punched her hard enough in the temple to knock her out. As she began to fall he caught her and carried her back down the ladder and into the warehouse. Luke started to say something when Sylar cut him off, “Leave, give us about two hours. I don’t want you here right now.” Sylar noticed Luke’s look of anger but ignored him.


Sylar threw Claire down on a mattress that had been there before they arrived, probably from some one who’d squatted here previously. He grabbed a box and placed it so that he could sit on it and have Claire’s head in front of him. He removed her skull cap with ease this time and went searching for memories, he had to poke at lower regions than normal but he eventually found what he’d been looking for. He saw the crash scene flash before his eyes, saw Nathan and Noah arguing over her, saw Daphne save her, saw the Hunter attempt to kill her after comparing her to Sylar and that’s when Sylar stumbled upon something else. Because in the memory Claire seemed disgusted but her emotions had been different. He continued searching, finding something surprising and finally seeing why she’d prevented him from cracking her skull earlier.

He replaced the top of her head and cleaned the blood off her face, it had taken her about forty minutes to wake up and as Claire sat up she was a little shocked by her surroundings.

“What’s going on?” she asked as she felt around her head, she felt the matting of dried blood in her hair and glared at him as he stood in front of her. She looked at the dingy mattress she was sitting on and with a disgusted look she stood up and backed up until she hit the wall behind her.

“I just did a little searching. I found what I wanted, and then some.” He said as he started to walk towards. His pace was slow and his smile was crooked.

Claire’s heart sped a little, her blood grew warm. “I hate you. Why can’t you just go away?!” she screamed at him as she pressed her hands against he wall, as if trying to go through it.

Father Shotgun


“You certainly want to hate me but you can’t. I’ve literally got a piece of you and it drives you insane. You want to kill me but you’re too close to the flame.” He said as he stopped walking, a few feet between them. If she wanted to run she could but assumed she would want to stay.

She moved to her left, keeping her back to the wall and her eyes on Sylar. As her shoulder hit wall her eyes grew bigger in the realization that she was in a corner, she had to face this, she had to face how she felt. “Just go away!” She screamed again, her voice betraying her fear.

“Ding, ding! We have a winner!” he said as he applauded himself, among other things Sylar quite enjoyed being right. He walked up to her, decreasing the space between them until there were only inches. He smiled as she pressed herself into the corner and turned away. “Don’t fight it.” He said as he uncovered her shoulder and kissed it, he let his breath bathe her neck before kissing her below her jaw line.

Claire was torturing herself, fighting the urge to pull him towards her and to lean into his body with a request for no mercy. She sighed heavily, the heat of her breath causing condensation to form on the cold metal wall she stared at. She put her hand on his chest to push him away but touching him was too much. Her hand quickly traced up his chest to his neck as she looked at him. Her angered glares melting into passionate eye contact as she scratched her nails down his neck. She looked at her hand and smiled his blood under her nails much like her obsession for him was under her skin.

Sylar stared at her, he had been toying with her but if she was really going for this then he might as well cut loose too. He grabbed her wrist with his right hand and slammed them against the wall behind her with enough force to break them. “Wouldn’t daddy be displeased to know that the only person who can control you is big bad Gabrielle Grey?” he said as he leant in to kiss her.

She kneed him in the stomach, “Don’t you ever speak about my father! Not ever.” She said.


Just in time to hear Claire yell Noah had broke down the door and followed his daughter’s voice. Two men were with him and they scoped out the rest of the warehouse as Noah pointed a shotgun at Sylar. “Let her go! Now!” he shouted as the familiar sounds of readying a shotgun to fire echoed in the room.

Sylar smiled as he dropped Claire’s wrists and took a few steps back. He thought about showing Mr. Bennet what the consequences were for pointing a gun at him but as he glanced to Claire who in every way but vocally was begging him not to do just that. So he glared at her and then her father as the two other soldiers ran at him. That’s where he drew the line, if he had to spare Noah he would not spare his helpers. Sylar raised his hand and the two soldiers flew across the warehouse and slamming against the far wall.

Claire looked at her father pleadingly, “Let’s just leave.”

“Claire! I can understand saving Peter but,” Noah paused looking from Claire to Sylar, “he tried to kill you... more than once.” He said as he looked back to Claire with confusion.

“Show some mercy, he saved my life today. Saved it twice.” She said knowing that unleashing this tension had saved her from something inside herself that had been eating away at her.

Noah looked to the soldiers at the other end of the warehouse who were know sitting in their own blood and then to Sylar and then to his daughter. The sincerity in her voice worried him, such a tone he used with her for his secrets. He wondered if trusting Claire would hurt him as much as Claire was hurt by trusting him. “Fine, go outside, there’s a car waiting. Tell him what happened, make it sound believable.” Noah said as he watched Sylar smile at him, it was more than slightly unsettling.

“Who’s ‘him’?” she asked, she was worried that it was the Hunter. Her father had no idea who had sent who after her unless some how he had filled in the blanks.

“Just go, before I change my mind!” he shouted, he was rarely angry at Claire but on this day he was just that. He had a rival in his sights and his daughter was lying about something and saving his life.

Claire walked out of the doorway, turning to look at Sylar. Sylar shifted his gaze from Noah to Claire and his smile became one that no father would want to see directed at his daughter. Noah walked towards Claire, “What the hell is wrong with you?! Damn it, Claire! You’ll never learn.”

He walked her to the backseat of the car and then got in the front passenger seat himself. The driver had been Nathan and when he asked about what happened Claire said that a postman had tried to kill her and a watchmaker had been kind enough to save her.



Twenty minutes after Claire and her fathers had left Luke returned to the warehouse. Seeing the door knocked down, the soldiers who were dead against the wall and the blood on the mattress. “What happened?” Luke asked as if he blamed Sylar for this mess, if he would’ve been here then none of this would’ve happened.

“Things got a little rough, I met her parents. I’d say we’re official.” He said with a laugh. “After all there was even a sacrifice to start the night.” He said with a smile, he found Luke’s jealousy highly amusing.

Luke sighed, “Can we leave tonight?” he asked feeling a bit defeated.

“Sure thing, kiddo. We’re stopping at the post office first though. We need to send of those digits you saved.” He said as he grabbed his suit case and headed towards the station wagon.


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